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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  July 1, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. you're watching the station that works for you. abc 2 news at 11:00. >> [ chanting ] >> tonight a vocal protest. city police and firefighters taking to the street with complaints about their pension system. i'm kelly swoope, good evening. members of the police and fire unions held a protest outside a fundraiser held outside of
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council member christian coal. we were there and chris has this exclusive video. >> reporter: the changes to the fire and police pension systems went into effect today. they'll have to pay more out of their paychecks in the system and many police and firefighters are going to have to wait 20 years to retire with full ben it's the instead of 15. safe to say they are not happy about it. complaints about changes to their pension system boiling over outside a fundraiser for baltimore city councilman coal in the complex. >> we're making a political statement, not permanent, political that police and fire have done their job an city hall has turned their back on us. >> it's the most vocal sign yet that the police and fire unions do not accept the changes made to their pension system by the marin city council. >> we gave them some alternatives that were relist particular. they decided to turn their back on 'em, maybe now they are having second thoughts.
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>> reporter: the unions have filed a lawsuit in federal court hoping to stop the changes but as of july 1st they are in effect. they are also in effect because they believe council members enhanced their own pension system. >> they have month problem trying to feather their own beds while at the same time cutting everybody else's benefits. >> reporter: the man whose fundraiser was the target of the pro seeds says that's not the case. >> pension systems would go up significantly, retirement age would go up, percentage of over all retirement would go down. >> reporter: and he says the pension changes were needed to save the city more than $60 million, he also says he supports police and firefighters even though he called their protest disappointing. >> i suspect that this practice just shows that they are willing to do anything to get a 20-year retirement which frankly, when we looked at it, wasn't sustainable. >> reporter: now there is no timetable for the federal judge's timetable on the lawsuit. though members of the union say they'll continue to protest at
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other city council events this summer. christian schaefer, abc 2 news. breaking news tonight. police in anne arundel county are investigating a homocide, officials say earlier tonight 21-year-old adam ray buck liu was found shot to death inside a car outside his home in ar drew avenue in brook lynn park. two male suspects were seen running from the scene. no word on their motive. anyone with information is asked to call police tonight. in democracy 2010, now that former governor bob ehrlich has revealed his running mate, mary kay, what does she bring to his campaign. herb smith says right now he rates the choice of mary cane as a solid b. he says cain is a logical choice who can help the campaign cover more territory. put it's her home county that could be the key. smith calls the prospect of a republican candidate winning montgomery county magical. but ... >> it's all in the marks
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though. ifer lick can cut into the o'malley margin in montgomery county an maintain very strong margins in the periphery then we'd have a very competitive race. >> he also said cain can provide a fundraising boost for the early campaign. he says governor o'malley hayes as much as $6 million in his war chest whiler lick has less than 1 million. a state senate race in harford county is turning ugly. art helton is facing off against washington in the primary for the 34th district. but now washington has filed a complaint with the state elections board. he says he doesn't live at the home he claims to live at in napa. he is on outside the district. they are required to live in their district for six months before running to office. he said that's not true and then he turned the table on his
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opponent. >> i do know that he doesn't own a house of any record that i can find in the district. as a matter of fact i find recently, through some documentation, that someone gave me, that he did have a house that he owned outside the district but it was foreclosed on last month. >> whoever wins that primary is expected to face incumbent republican senator nancy jacobs in november. well baltimore leaders are applauding a drop in violent crime. but it's not stopping their fight to make the city safer. these dangerous guns are among nearly 1200 taken off the street in baltimore. gun cease yourself are part of an extensive effort to lower crime. an effort that includes both city cops and the feds. there have been just under 100 murders in the first half of this year. the lowest rate in 25 years. but the police commissioner says these guns are a reminder the city still has some dangerous operators. >> what this said to me coming
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in the door is dan we have still got a helluva long way to go because these cats still got access to ar15s. so we certainty, you know, this affirmation, as the mayor says, of no cause for celebration, it ought to just focus us on the tough work ahead. >> the mayor's office says over all gun crime is also down 16% when compared to last year. well baltimore's county speed cameras are now all up and running leaving drivers with a chance of a $40 ticket in now 15 different locations, today the county announced that 13 locations are now in use, joining two already snapping pictures in al buy advertise and dunn doc. >> all the time. sometimes we see the flashes in my house, the camera is constantly going off because people haven't learned to slow down. >> local government says these cameras are about safety but we have a snapshot of the revenue
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already pouring in. they caught more than 2400 drivers. the dundalk one flashed more than 600 times. more than 3,000 citations netting them just over $12,000. >> it may seem like an eternity since cal ripken, jr.'s retirement some nine years ago. but the iron man hasn't taken life after baseball sitting down. in fact baseball is still his life. and, yes, he could become a part of the orioles again very soon. >> grown each year. >> cal ripken, jr. is a busy man. he owns at least part of three minor league teams, he organizes the annual ripken world series in aberdeen and just this week he was part of a ground breaking ceremony for a youth field on the grounds of old memorial stadium. but, now, he is adding author to his resume with a series of novels aimed at middle school kids. he talked about it with jamie costello on "good morning maryland." >> the first one is about controlling your temper. most people that start out,
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including myself, have issues with avenuer and how deal with that? >> but that's not all the iron man has up his sleeve. for months rumors have swirled about him taking apparition in the front office. he says fans think it's a no- brainer but it's not that simple. >> i'm having wonderful talks with mr. answer lows. i started thinking if i do come back the timing would be back in a couple years. the urgency of things that went wrong this year, start of the season, has kind of kicked that forward and -- >> when he retired he made a commitment to be there for his kids until they graduated high school. his daughter is in college but his son still has two years to go yet. >> well on the weather front kelly, what a fantastic looking day out there, this evening so pleasant, humidity low. i mean i heat to use this word, a little chilly perhaps by daybreak. take a look at some of the numbers right now. the outlying suburbs in the 60,
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63 from frederick. take a look at york pa at 56 degrees right now. man that's cool. humidity very, very dry, very, very comfortable out there, water vacation pay loops showing, that dark section the driest air around that you'll ever see in early july. we'll take it. overnight 57 degrees, clear and cool out there under that clear sky, we'll talk much more about the outlook ahead and how hot it is set to get by the end of the weekend. you won't want to miss that. coming up. kelly. tropical storm alex is slowly dying out over mexico as it stayed far from the gulf oil spill. clean up vessels are sidelined by the storm's ripple effects. large waves could keep many of the skimmers out through the weekend. >> you can't get more than about 3 to 5 feet and you start having not very results in skimming especially offshore and especially with the size of boom you have and so forth. >> now a ship called a whale
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has arrived in the gulf of mexico. it was actually build to be an oil tanker but the taiwan ease billionaire who owned it heard about the oil spill and had it turned in the world's largest oil skimmer. plenty of unseen victims as a result of the oil spill. people who lost their jobs have been forced to give up their appellants. the overwhelming amount of animals, some of man's best friends, are ending up right here in maryland. preston mitchum has more. >> when driving tour the anne arundel county spca you are greeted with this sign and this sound. the sound of loving animals waiting for a happy home. >> we get in approximately 3500 animals every year. there is so many homeless cats that it's hard for all shelters to keep up with the cat population. kittens are coming in some we have quite a few cats and kittens waiting for a home. >> this week little barbara and nine of her playful pooches
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traveled 900 miles. >> we were contacted by an organization that was working with two shelters in louisiana. >> after one of the biggest environmental disasters in the nation's history many people in the gulf region are without work and giving up their pets to local shelters. those shelters are way overcast. >> it is serious down there and we were contacted and asked to -- if we had space to take some dogs which we did. >> sue and her spca volunteers are hoping all these animals, especially little bash are, will soon find homes. preston mitchum, abc 2 news. >> now if you're interested in adopting any of the shelter's pets including those dogs from louisiana the number to call 14102684388. well a new york woman got more than she bargained for when she became a mom. not only is her plan for a small family with maybe a bye and a girl now far from reality but with the recent birth of her latest addition to her family it is actually stunning her doctors.
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we're going to introduce you to her and her unique family. plus it's a day for change at the naval academy. the class of 2014 takes the first big step from civilian life to military life. >> cemeterily, such a great day. 5 degrees below today. gorgeous gorgeous high temperatures but all set to change in a big way. we'll talk more about that. >> we're also counting down to the 4th of july celebration its, a number of displays around independence day. a look at it and where you can catch some of the action. for a complete listing you can always go to our web site for the very latest. you'll find that at and
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. being anisically fit teen may actually keep your brain sharp decades down the road. a new study finds that older women who exercise during their teen years were 35% less likely to be mentally impaired in old age than women who weren't active when they were young. researchers say exercise early in life boosts the brain as it develops and it repairs its brain cells. this protection seems to stay with us as we age. a woman in new york got a little more than she bargained
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for when she became a mom. natasha wilson never planned to have a big family. a bye and a girl. first she had a son, then twins, and triplets for a total '06 6 boys. she never used fertility drugs and to have multiple births in a row is extremely rare. >> to have a triplet pregnancy alone is one every several thousand pregnancies, but to have one baby and then have twins and triplets, i don't think we'll ever see anything like this again. >> now that her family is expanding natasha says they are moving from their 2 bedroom trailer into a seven-bedroom home and she is trading in her car for a van. sounds like a good idea. well, right now, ij is coming to an end for the naval academy. for the class of 2014 it's first step on a year steeped in tradition. we have the story from
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annapolis. >> reporter: july 1st, 2010 marks the beginning of plebe summer at the u.s. naval academy for these accepted candidates the first step of being a plebe is induction day or i day as it is affectionately called here. butterflies are c'mon. >> this is my first real "i'm not goin' home" kind of thing. >> i'm looking for a complete opportunity. >> this is awesome, i'm nervous but this is awesome. >> my escort is an ensign who recently graduated this past may. he remembers the day. >> i remember being dropped off by my parents. >> first coming in through the dollars, very nervous. >> there you go. >> people in front of you, people behind you and -- >> where you all from? >> missouri. >> maryland. >> as you make your way through your medical, through uniform, you lose your clothes, you get new clothes, and your whole identity basically changes. the general basis of plebe
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summer is to strip them of their sense of identity and their sense of individuality. they don't look like the same people. >> bruce baron has chicagoped many plebes. >> i have been here for six. watching them come like deteriorates and leave out likelyons. >> been trying to get a hair cut for free. he'll do it for free. >> he won't be smiling any more, this is the last time you'll see him smile. >> reporter: the naval academy class of 2014 had over 17,000 applicants of which 1200 were given appointments to. that equates to a less than 10% acceptance rate which makes this one of the most difficult institutions to get accepted into. david howry is trying to contain his pain. >> we're from ohio. >> reporter: you see, he came with the expectation that there would be no-shows. >> how many people haven't showed, do you have any idea? >> today, all 1230 appointees are present and accounted for. >> we have already said no once, all we can do is keep
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saying no. >> this isn't a happy 19th birthday. >> it is, tough. >> a long drive back to ohio awaits for the second year in a row. >> he has a bark up plan. >> at the united states naval academiment are called but few are chosen. >> it will make his birthday worse. >> in annapolis, lamont williams. abc 2 news. >> now the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. . >> so we do it again? >> yes kelly. we can do it one more time, how is that at least. but early july you don't expect it to be too cool for too long and it will not be. >> it's not overly cool, just comfortable. >> i tell you what, cool and refreshing out there tonight. heat kind of raises up every day. >> creeps back up. >> creeps back up on us. >> creeping a little bit. outside 66, humidity 50%, winds calm, not bad, 30.2. high pressure and control right now, very high pressure, going to go up further tomorrow.
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huge area of canadian high pressure providing blue skies over maryland, baltimore today, relike that. really nice looking day and also really nice feeling day out there too thanks to that extremely low humidity. gorgeous looking sunset today over the inner harbor there. take you down to the gulf, one last check of what is left of a category 2 hurricane alex, now just a tropical depression churning over central mexico, chunk some heavy rains across parts of the lone star state. but other than that things beginning to quiet down out here in the gulf. but already a very active hurricane season early in the season so we'll see how it all shakes out as we go through the summer. high temps today. much r. this wags the good news. 81 out at bwi. 77 from easton. winchester 81. a refreshing day out there, had to like it. humidity 50% right now and the overall moisture in the air about as low as it could possibly get, especially in early july. this is really unusual to have this kind of try pleasant air
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around. we'll take it. not much wind tonight, we had some gusty northwest winds today that brought in those mild conditions. almost a crystal clear sky state-wide tonight and i think we'll see even bluer skies tomorrow if that's possible as this high pressure area settles further east. really clears the skies. one thing it will do is lessen the wind and also make things just a little warm around here. i'm looking for low to mid-80s tomorrow, this high slides even further the east. talking about much hotter weather toward the end of the weekend. in the meantime you could see atlanta comfortable at 897. . our future temp. map one more day with the mild stuff. that hot air beginning to build in out to have the south and west. as we roll forward on the saturday, pushing up close to 90 athlete and only hotter as we go from sunday to monday. looks like another heat waive building in. 57, clear, cold tonight and tomorrow. a 2-degree guarantee of 83.
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soak in that sunshine. great way to start our independence day weekend. a clear sky. cool once again but that's just about it as you take a look at the seven-day forecast here. we pushed very close if not above 90 on saturday, starts off okay though, but then sunday a much hotter day in the mid-890, hot night for the fireworks sunday night downtown and then very hot as we go from the holiday monday into tuesday kelly? >> storm gear and promotional consideration provided by l.l. bean. . >> tonight, kimmel catching with twilight star dakota fanning. >> when we first saw you in the movies, you're 900 years old. >> i took my ac. the. >> doesn't matter. shouldn't go to college anyway. lap
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. abc 2, maryland's most accurate radar, works for you. . press box sports report. presented by mr. basement. >> this is stan the fan charles with the press box sports report. a disabling hamstring injury to luke scott as he rounded the bases on his game-winning home run last night has led them to bring up their number 1 player in the minors.
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luke bell. he was hitting .226 at norfolk. after two vuvuzelas less days. netherlands takes on brazil and the day finishes up with a tussle between uruguay and qana at 4. 306789. both games on e.s.p.n. for the 10th time in the past 11 years a williams sister will play in the wimbleton finals. serena williams is in her third consecutive finals. come saturday she will face up and commenting third seed veen a various a zip a. thomas investor ditch going against novak go go ovechkin. for all the news go to and look for the "ravens report." >> i'm ron green baumgartner. mr. basement. if you have got a nasty basement and crawl space i've got easy modern affordable solutions for you. for a drier, cleaner, healthier
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more energy efficient home call me today. . >> press box. . tomorrow on "good morning maryland" fireworks will be exploding all over the place this weekend and most of us are going to be in all sorts of food. the top five foods that will protect you from damaging the effects of sun as you enjoy the weekend holiday. megan pringle. weather and traffic and more coming up tomorrow on "good morning maryland." >> abc 2 works for the community. a proud partner with the johns hop incidents children's center.
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. finally, tonight, something that you don't see every day. workers trying to relocate an historic iowa gas station ran into some trouble. actually they ran into a bridge. the main part of the building cleared the overpass but the chimney didn't make it. crews eventually had to remove the chimney so they could take the bridge to its new location. could have been a whole lot worse, believe it or not. >> yeah. don't get sold one of those. sold a bridge? ah, kelly, what a day it's been. fantastic sunshine and another one tomorrow. what a way to kick off the weekend. travel plans, flying looking good, train, we hope the train, high 78 at noon, really nice looking day again. a couple december warmer, a little less breezy. 4th of july weekend starts off nice enough. upper 80s, pushing into the it
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0s for the fourth. a hot night in the city for the 4th of july fireworks, into monday we push towards 100. the humidity will be a little bit slow to build back in even though the temperatures are gonna shoot up. so silver lining kelly. >> we can get back to the record books again next week. >> but in july it's harder to get there. >> that's it for us tonight. we're back tomorrow, 5, 6:00, 11:00, thanks for joining us.
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